Our Services

Event Planning

Want to host an event that everyone will be talking about (in a good way, of course)? The Forty Group’s event architects plan and promote some of the most coveted parties, galas, fundraisers, charity events, intimate affairs, birthday celebrations and community events.

Want the media to cover the event? We can handle that. But we also respect a client’s wishes to keep an event low-key and media-free … and we can make that happen.

Crisis Media Planning

Reputation is everything, and The Forty Group understands that better than anyone. While we hope our clients’ reputations are never tarnished, we understand that … well, things happen.

Timing is everything when managing a crisis, and The Forty Group is fast and proactive. We’re skilled in crisis media management and always ready to rehabilitate an ailing reputation using an individually-developed comprehensive crisis communication plan.

Media Training

Not everyone is comfortable talking to the media, but the communication gurus at The Forty Group know how to make you more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and able to speak more eloquently and with more clarity and effectiveness to print and social media reporters/bloggers.

We help you develop messages for different media outlets, prepare you for those “tough” questions, and conduct mock interviews to make you more comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll also help you overcome those verbal and non-verbal “bad habits” — you know, poor eye contact and saying “uh” after every third word. By the time we’re done, you won’t be camera shy any longer.

Need help developing or maintaining a social media presence? We’re well-versed in that area. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of social media. But if you want to hand the social media keys over to us to drive and maintain, we’re good with that, too.

Public Relations

Our years of experience in the media business and personal connections with major media markets is the backbone of our company’s PR and publicity division. The Forty Group creates and maintains effective, well-conceived media campaigns for both individuals and corporations.


Trying to breathe life into an under-developed brand? The Forty Group has the blueprint to make any brand a household name. Our innovative strategies will even exceed the expectations of the brand owner’s wildest dreams. We create and nurture brands that become easily recognizable and unforgettable.

Innovation Research

In everything we do, there is some measure of innovation research behind it. Why? Because, quite frankly, it’s the most effective — and fun — way to understand the uncovered needs, untapped desires and behaviors of a client’s (business or individual) audience.

The outcome of this human-centered approach to research is a rock-solid marketing, PR and branding plan that elevates a client’s public footprint.


Shouting your personal value or your company’s value from the rooftop is what The Forty Group is skilled at doing. But it all starts with a well developed plan — understanding the scope of the project at hand, understanding the client’s audience, and getting the message out on multiple platforms.